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Our Services

We provide a range of services to ensure our clients can continue to fund, implement, and improve key programs in fields including primary and secondary education, youth development, community building, health and wellness services, counseling and social work, visual and performing arts, workforce development, and more.

Grant Writing

Since our formation in 2011, our expert grant writing services have secured more than $190 million in funding from city, state, and federal agencies and private foundations to support our clients' social, educational, and human services programs in high need areas. Funders have included the US Department of Education, US Department of Labor, New Jersey State Education Department, New York State Education Department, and New York City Department of Youth and Community Development. Specific grant programs funded have included:

  • Full Service Community Schools;

  • 21st Century Community Learning Centers (New Jersey and New York State Education Departments);

  • YouthBuild programs;

  • New York City SONYC/COMPASS programs;

  • Teacher Quality Partnership programs; and more.


Program Evaluation

We believe program evaluation is an ongoing process that should help stakeholders better understand a project in the context of “real world” factors. Having a true understanding of a project can enable stakeholders to focus on how it is impacting participants, partner agencies, and the community. We know that the most effective evaluations are done over time, not events that occur at the end of a project. Our approach to evaluation using a dynamic evaluation process provides continuous information to learn from, improve, and strengthen projects.

Laurus conducts evaluations of educational and social services programs, helping organizations strengthen their programs and deliver the best possible services to their clients. We collaborate with partners to develop a customized evaluation design that aligns with the program goals, organization’s mission, and funding requirements.

We have special expertise in evaluating 21stCCLC programs, Community Schools, Extended School Day/School Violence Prevention programs, and Extended Learning Programs, helping these programs improve vital components such as program environment, staffing, relationships, activities, sustainability and parent and community outreach.

Grant Writing/Program Evaluation
Tech Assist Anchor

Technical Assistance

  • We work with our clients to create data collection tools and ways of tracking their progress towards their goals.

  • We help to maximize the use of data while helping front line workers to understand what it means for them.

Project Development

  • We work with our clients and their stakeholders to design social and human service projects that meet the needs of the service community and are aligned with the agency’s mission and funding.  

  • We work collaboratively to design a project from start to finish – everything from SMART goals and Logic Models to plans for continuous improvement and sustainability efforts.

Data & Research

  • Laurus utilizes data and empirical research throughout all of our work, simplifying the use of these elements for our clients. With our expertise, we make the process of incorporating data and research into projects seamless.

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